Compliance Risk Management

Risk Assessment, Monitoring, Auditing and Improvement

Comcast continuously assesses and monitors areas of compliance risk across the company and looks for ways to improve the Compliance Program. The Compliance Committee, which is a key component of the program, conducts periodic risk assessments to help identify risks and periodically reports on them to our Board of Directors or appropriate committee(s) of our Board. The Compliance Committee conducts monitoring and auditing to detect non-compliance with standards, procedures and laws; has systems in place to permit employee feedback; reviews industry standards; and periodically evaluates the effectiveness of the Compliance Program.

Compliance Areas of Particular Relevance

While Comcast is committed to following all applicable laws everywhere we do business, there are a few areas of corporate compliance that are particularly relevant to our business operations that we highlight below: Political and Trade Association Activity, Privacy and Anti-Corruption.

Comcast Corporation Statement on Political and Trade Association Activity


From a privacy perspective, Comcast continuously reviews the policies and procedures it has in place to ensure that confidential customer personal identifiable information and customer proprietary network information are appropriately maintained. In addition to ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies, Comcast understands that privacy is a key component of the Comcast-customer relationship and the trust that customers have in Comcast. Our Chief Privacy Officer coordinates overall Comcast privacy compliance and administration in conjunction with several internal working groups and committees that include legal, policy, regulatory, legislative and business members.


Comcast is opposed to corruption in all forms and conducts due diligence on the business relationships it enters into to ensure compliance with all applicable anti-corruption laws. Comcast's Code of Conduct includes several policies directly addressing international compliance, including anti-corruption laws, money laundering prevention and international trade controls. Training related to anti-corruption laws and regulations is embedded into training programs completed by all employees and targeted training is provided to appropriate personnel. Comcast monitors company activities to ensure it is operating in accordance with all laws and regulations, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the U.K. Bribery Act, regarding business payments to government officials in the United States and abroad.

Supply Chain Values

Comcast expects our suppliers to conduct business with integrity, uphold our values and comply with applicable laws promoting respect for human rights. Comcast’s Statement on Supply Chain Values identifies our efforts to ensure that our suppliers do not engage in human trafficking or slavery in connection with their work for Comcast.