Compliance Program

Culture of Compliance

Comcast has a Compliance Program that provides a framework that fosters a global culture of compliance and ethics throughout the company. Given the complex array of regulatory requirements, Comcast has developed an effective compliance program that is responsive to the changing needs of the company and the external environment in which we operate.

Our corporate General Counsel, Arthur R. Block, who is a "high-level person" within the meaning of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, has overall responsibility for the Compliance Program. He has appointed Jennifer Heller as Chief Compliance Officer, who has day-to-day operational responsibility for the Compliance Program, and they regularly report on the program to our Board of Directors or appropriate committee(s) of our Board.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee is an enterprise-wide, cross-functional team that oversees the Compliance Program across the company’s global footprint and meets regularly to assess compliance with laws, regulations and company policies.

The Compliance Committee is responsible for coordinating, supervising and monitoring the Compliance Program, which includes a Code of Conduct applicable to all employees, officers and directors; published compliance policies; training to make sure that employees know what is expected of them and how to make the right decisions; several mechanisms for employees to report potential unethical behavior or non-compliance with laws, regulations and company policies; internal procedures for the receipt and handling of allegations of non-compliant activities; and frequent risk assessments to help identify and respond to key legal risks and regulatory changes.

Education and Training

Through a company-wide education and training program, Comcast emphasizes a commitment to high ethical standards and to practices that comply with applicable laws and regulations everywhere the company does business. Our in-person and online training programs help employees understand how to "Do What’s Right." Compliance and ethics training content, which is overseen and approved by a sub-committee of the Compliance Committee, is designed to raise employee awareness of current policies through the presentation of real-life work situations that employees may encounter. Our training requirements are tailored to an employee’s job function and responsibilities.