Comcast Listens

Commitment to Open Communications

Comcast’s success as a company is built on our exceptional team and a work environment where employees have a commitment to act with the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity, and show respect for one another. Comcast is committed to an environment of open communication where employees feel comfortable raising concerns and are not distracted by unresolved problems at work. If an employee sees or suspects a violation of law or our Code of Conduct we encourage them to report it promptly.

To enhance our culture of openness, Comcast provides all employees with materials designed to help them better understand the avenues available to them for reporting workplace and integrity issues. The program is called Comcast Listens. Whether it is about a day-to-day or more significant workplace problem, a concern about suspected illegal or unethical conduct, or even an idea for a better way of serving customers, Comcast Listens offers a process to help employees feel comfortable speaking up.

Anti-Retaliation Policy

Comcast’s Code of Conduct includes an Anti-Retaliation Policy. Comcast emphasizes to employees that, if they raise an issue through any of the avenues described below, they should feel confident that retaliation is not tolerated at Comcast and, if wrongdoing is confirmed through an investigation, appropriate discipline or corrective action will be taken, regardless of the position of the individuals involved.

Reporting Options for Employees

Through Comcast Listens, there are a number of options available to employees when they have a concern:

  • Speaking with an immediate supervisor: The quickest way to get concerns addressed is generally an employee’s immediate supervisor, or another local manager or Human Resources representative. For times when employees are not comfortable speaking with someone locally, or they are not satisfied that the concerns have been adequately addressed, there are a number of other options available.

  • Contacting a Comcast Listens representative: Each region and business unit has a dedicated Comcast Listens team or representative that is able to investigate employee relations concerns. Employees can find the name and contact information for their Comcast Listens representative on the company’s intranet sites.

  • Calling the Comcast Listens Helpline: Employees can call toll-free 24/7 to raise concerns. The Comcast Listens helpline is staffed by an independent third-party company and employees have the option to remain anonymous.

  • Submitting concerns via the Comcast Listens Web portal: For employees who prefer to report an integrity or workplace issue online, there is a Web portal administered by the same outside company that staffs the Comcast Listens helpline. Employees can choose to identify themselves or to submit concerns anonymously via this Web portal.

  • NBCUniversal Ombuds Program: Employees of NBCUniversal may also contact a network of internal ombudspersons located both inside and outside of the United States to ask questions about company policy or to raise concerns about violations of law, regulation or company policy.

  • Contacting the Audit Committee: In addition to the channels outlined above, if employees have an issue regarding internal controls, accounting or auditing, they also have the option to send an email directly to the Chair of the Audit Committee of Comcast’s Board of Directors at

Employees can find the number for the Comcast Listens helpline and the address for the Web portal in many places, such as the Code of Conduct, the Comcast Listens employee brochure, posters placed in every work location and the company’s intranet sites. In addition, all supervisors are required to take a mandatory training course addressing how to create a culture of open communication. All other employees are required to complete training that addresses why speaking up is important and the avenues available to report concerns.

Addressing Employee Concerns

Comcast encourages employees to report misconduct, and the company takes those allegations very seriously. Concerns received through the Comcast Listens helpline or Web portal are logged, acknowledged and, when necessary, an investigation is performed by a trained investigator from the Human Resources, Security, Internal Audit or Law departments, as appropriate to the issue reported. Comcast has procedures in place to track investigations and the Board periodically receives a summary of all significant reports relating to accounting and fraud matters as well as a summary of Comcast Listens metrics.