Introducing xFi: Wi-Fi, Advanced

By Chris Satchell, Chief Product Officer, Comcast Cable

Sometimes the only way to create the experience you want for customers is to build a whole new product. This was true when we realized we had to transform the video experience to reflect an explosion of content, need for personalization and shift to on-demand viewing. The resulting product, X1, dramatically changed video. Now we’re doing the same for Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is the oxygen of the digital home. I often joke that it would take me about 12 hours to learn that my water had been switched off, but I’d know if I lost Wi-Fi in about 12 seconds. We live in a world where more things are connected than ever; we are all inseparable from our mobile devices, and our homes are rapidly becoming full of smart appliances and gadgets as the Internet-Of-Things adoption accelerates. However, while our homes have got smarter, Wi-Fi has not kept pace.

Your Wi-Fi should be as smart as you are. That’s why we created Xfinity xFi.



Available starting today, xFi reimagines your home Wi-Fi experience and gives you the coverage, control and visibility you need for your digital life. It’s a cloud managed service that combines leading hardware like the xFi Advanced Gateway, and the xFi Wi-Fi Gateway, with applications that span iOS, Android, Web and even to your television via X1 with Voice control. Here is a quick review of the launch features:

This is just the start. xFi is more than a product, it is a platform for innovation in Wi-Fi. Just as we do with X1, we will continue to release innovative customer-centric features as we move forward. A major update is already planned for later in the year, when we will release our zero-configuration xFi Wi-Fi Pods. With the Pods customers will be able to create seamless Wi-Fi for any size or shape home simply by plugging them in an available power-outlet. xFi will automatically, and continuously, configure the customer’s Wi-Fi (mesh) to match their use and home.


Xfinity xFi gif


Most importantly, we’ve designed xFi to be as simple, easy and human-centric as possible. No engineering degree required! You shouldn’t have to be the Chief Information Officer of your house, to have amazing Wi-Fi in your home.

With Xfinity xFi, the future of Wi-Fi starts today.

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